Flesh and Blood Constructed Meta

Flesh and Blood Constructed Meta

Similar to our new Magic Meta updates we are working on bringing regular Flesh and Blood meta updates as well so you all know what is happening in the world of competitive Classic Constructed.

Most of our update is taken from The Calling Auckland 2021 event. With the release of Monarch earlier this year there are a couple of stand out Heroes from that set which are 43% of the decks played. These are Chane with 23% and Prism with 20%. For the most part all the other Heroes have a fairly even split of between 5-11% which Levia having the lowest representation and Dorinthea having the most.

Flesh and Blood Classic Constructed

As you would expect, there were a number of Chane decks in the top 8. 5 of the top 8 were Chane decks showing how good a Chane deck can be. However it was a Katsu deck that came out on top. There was also a Prism deck in 5th spot and Dorinthea in 7th.

Dorinthea has always been a popular Hero and looking back on previous events she has always had quite high representation, usually behind Ira though. Now the new mechanics and Light and Shadow cards have been introduced we can see a shift away from the Welcome to Rathe and Aracne Rising Heroes and moving towards Monarch. This is partly because of the fact these are new Heroes and everyone wants to have a go with them but also we feel that the new Heroes make more competitive decks. 

If we look at the Metagame Breakdown from The Calling we can see that Prism has 43% of the meta currently and she is a very good Hero to build around. Boltyn is second with 26% which is a good chunk lower than Prism showing how good Prism can be. This means that the Light makes up 69% of the Metagame currently. This leaves only 31% to split between Levia and Chane. Once again Levia has the lowest representation at just 13%.

Flesh and Blood Metagame

When we look at the Top 8 in this event all 4 Heroes have been represented. The stand out Hero here is Prism taking 4 of the top 8 positions. Boltyn took 2 of the spots which means Light Heroes seem to be the most popular and competitive. Taking a whopping 75% of the Top 8 positions. This only leaves 2 spaces for the other Heroes and they did well taking the top 2 slots. Levia came in 2nd position which leaves Chane taking number 1. Perhaps if there were more decks built around Levia and Chane they might have had more in the Top 8. If these decks are able to take the top 2 positions this should mean they are better decks than the light Heroes?

As Monarch is still a fairly new set with new mechanics and Flesh and Blood only being a few years old itself. Perhaps this is just a learning curve for everyone in the game and as more Heroes are introduced and mechanics this is bound to move the Meta quite a lot. Roll on Kingdoms later on in the year.