Flesh and Blood Monarch Spoliers - Four New Heroes!

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Flesh and Blood Monarch Spoliers - Four New Heroes!

Yes! You heard right. With the new set from Flesh and Blood, Monarch will be introducing four new heroes and we have already been introduced to three of them. The forth we know the name of and some information but their card has yet to be spoiled. I know this was pretty well published by Legend Story Studios that there would be new heroes in this set but with the new Shadow and Light sub-class this has added another dimension to the game.

Not that the game wasn’t good enough without this, this has turned the notch up even higher and if you thought Flesh and Blood was good before, it’s only going to get better.

Spoliers started a little later than planned for Monarch and Legend Story Studios had to push everything back a week so the spoilers didn’t start until 13th April and official release isn’t until 7th May. The good news is that the prerelease for Monarch was pushed back as well. So it moved from 23rd April to 30th April, which just so happens to be my birthday, so that’s going to be fun.

So back to the topic at hand, who are these three new heroes we have been introduced to and how good are they actually going to be in the game. Let’s take a look at them one at a time. Please note that there is going to be a lot of spoilers in this article so if you are trying to avoid seeing any cards until prerelease or official release then I would advise leaving now and coming back once you have seen the cards. I will try limit the spoilers to just the heroes and some description of other cards though.

Without further a due I would like to welcome to the world of Flesh and Blood and the first new hero to be spoiled is;

Levia, Shadowborn Abomination

Not only is Levia a Brute but they are also a Shadow hero as well. 'Blood Debt' is a totally new mechanic introduced into Flesh and Blood with Monarch so if you have not seen any of the Blood Debt cards I'll briefly describe it. If a card has Blood Debt it will read 'At the beginning of your end step, if {enter card name} is in your banished zone, lose 1 life'. This does have some impact on other cards with the Monarch set but to save from spoiling too much I will leave this for you all to discover on your own.

Ser Boltyn, Breaker of Dawn

At first we had a Shadow Brute so we needed to counteract this with a Light Warrior Hero in the way of Ser Boltyn. There are a lot of new terms/mechanics on Ser Boltyn as well so in order to not spoil too much I will not go into too much detail.

What I will say is by adding a card to your Hero's soul, the card is placed under your Hero. Similar to Blood Debt, having cards in your Soul is going to add some benefits to you. Or in Ser Boltyn's case, can give an attack go again.

Chane, Bound by Shadow

Runeblade has been a favourite class for a lot of people since the release of Arcane Rising and Chane is no exception. This is the time when I will be spoiling another card for those who have not seen any of them. However this is a token and is directly referred to on Chane. So thought it would be easier showing the card rather than trying to describe it. Either way you'll know what it does.

Flesh and Blood Monarch Soul Shackle

The card reads 'At the beginning of your action phase, banish the top card of your deck'. Again without going into too much detail, Shadow cards are getting more interaction with Banished zones so this is quite a good card when used along side the other Shadow cards in the set.

Finally we have Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light. This card has not been officially spoiled as of yet but we do know some of what to expect.

Prism, Sculptor of Arc Light

Heralds of Sol

They say the pen is mightier than the sword. Prism, a student of the pen, stumbled upon a tale of heralds forgotten to time and dust among the millions of tomes within the Library of Illumination. Prism’s curious spirit and affinity to arc light may prove timely as Solana fights for its survival.


What is real? If you can see it, is it real? What about if it whacks you in the face? “But when I tried to touch it, it disappeared?!” Sculpt fantastical arc light spectras that confuse, confound, and combat bewildered opponents.

Soulful Protector

The Light will be your guide and fill your soul. Use it to sculpt Spectral Shield auras to protect yourself and your beloved city of Solana.

This is from the lore pages from FaB tcg which gives an insight into some of the abilities you'd expect to see on the card but also asks the question, what are Spectral Shields? In the description they say Aura so would it be safe to presume it will be similar to Chane in which these can be created. Perhaps these will give bonus defence against Shadow heroes?

This was just a quick summary roundup of the new heroes from Monarch. As spoiler season comes to an end we will revisit the spoilers and pick what we think are going to be the best cards in the set. We will also try stay away from the Fabled and Legendary cards as since they are so hard to come by, we would rather focus on cards that you will actually get chance to play with.