Flesh and Blood Monarch update and set preview

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Flesh and Blood Monarch update and set preview

First things first, welcome to the forth set release from Flesh and Blood. If you are not aware of this game yet please do read our 'What is Flesh & Blood' article to bring you up to speed with the game so far. 

Monarch is the forth release from Legend Story Studios but this is only the third stand alone set. Crucible of War as released as an expansion to the first two sets. The official release date for Monarch is 30th April 2021, this is for the limited 1st Edition run and the new Blitz decks. The Unlimited run release date is 21st May 2021.

But before all that starts there is the all important preview season. This starts on 6th April, so about a week away from now. As the game is so new it is hard to predict what we will be seeing in the upcoming set. All we know is that Legend Story Studios have released about the set so far.

We know there is going to be a 'Light' and 'Shadow' element to the new set. There is a lot that give away this, the 2 main points would be all the art work has a light and dark side to it

Flesh and Blood Monarch 1st Edition

The other big give away is on the pre-release announcement which shows 2 'mock' promo cards. Whether these will be the actual cards or just a disguise of the true cards we don't know right now. There are a lot of conversations going on about what these could be

Flesh and Blood Monarch Pre-release Promo

These promo cards refer to a class type as 'Light' and 'Shadow'. This is usually where we would expect to see 'Warrior' or 'Ranger'. Does this mean that Light and Shadow will become new class types or will these be sub-types and allow other classes to be build around these sub-types. What we do know if there are 4 new heroes being introduced with Monarch, and new mechanics to go along with these so are we going to see the current class type list being extended? With the current class list having 9 classes so far this will add 50% to this list and that will change the game. Depending on what the classes are and how they interact with the current ones.

There are going to be 307 cards in this set with the set composition made up of 1 Fabled, 6 Legendary, 31 Majestic, 79 Rares, 13 Equipment, 159 Commons, 18 Tokens. This is a good amount of cards and the biggest set release so far with Welcome to Rathe having 226 cards, Arcane Rising 219 cards and Crucible of War 198 cards. This is a big step up in terms of how many cards are within the card pool of Flesh and Blood standing at 950 after Monarch is released. As we know this is a rotating game system so over time some of these cards will drop out of standard play but for now this is plenty of cards to build a huge array of decks with.

Getting back to the Monarch releases there are more products that we haven't mentioned, the Blitz decks that are being released alongside the First Edition boxes for the first time. Blitz is a fast and fun format played with a 40 card deck rather than 60 and using the young version of your chosen Hero.

Flesh and Blood Young Heros

The other difference to the Classic Constructed format is you are only allowed to have 2 copies of each unique card rather than the usual 3. We think this is a much faster format than Classic Constructed but it is no where near any less fun or engaging. We feel these are similar to the Ira Welcome decks that were first released when Flesh and Blood launched and these are a great way of getting new players into the game.

All in all we think Monarch will be the tipping point for this game. If the success of Monarch is the same as previous releases then this game will be around for a long time to come. Knowing how hard it is already to get hold of the First Edition boxes we can see this only growing and becoming more popular throughout the world.