Flesh and Blood - Tales of Aria

Flesh and Blood - Tales of Aria

Flesh and Blood released some information earlier this year with hints to their new set which is coming out around September time. The first announcements showed the name as Kingdoms. There are since been an update from Legend Story Studios who have confirmed the name of the new set as Tales of Aria.

There has been an announcement from Legend Story Studios that the release date of Tales of Aria will be 24th September, about 6/7 weeks away at the time of writing this article. We also know that the pre-release weekend will take place 17-19th September for those wishing to attend at a local game store. So far there has been no confirmation of an unlimited set release date but as this is a stand alone booster set we can't imagine it will be too long until we get an unlimited release of the set. Crucible of War took the longest to get an unlimited run but that is now finally here.

The big news from the set is there are going to be 3 new Heroes introduced. We already know the name of one of these and it is Lexi.

Leix Tales of Aria Flesh and Blood

A few things we can see from Lexi is that she is holding a bow. This means the Ranger class is hopefully going to get some more cards added into the game. This is an assumption that Lexi is a Ranger and this is not the introduction of a completely new class. Could there be a multiple class theme as in Monarch when we had Light and Shadow along with the current classes. Perhaps Lexi will be a Light Ranger. The question is, does this mean the other two Heroes will also be from preexisting classes? Which classes do we think we might see. Could we see a new Guardian? This is the ideal setting for a new Guardian and we haven't seen one since Bravo in Welcome to Rathe.

There are going to be new mechanics introduced with Tales of Aria so perhaps there could be a new Hero class to go along with these. So I think that is our prediction for this, we are going to see a new Ranger and Guardian Hero along with potentially a new class entirely. This would benefit from the new mechanics more than the current classes in the game so far.

Flesh and Blood Tales of Aria Blitz Decks

Looking at the images of the new Blitz deck that will accompany the new set release all the boxes appear to be the same light colour. This would make you think that all the Heroes will be Light Heroes. As with Monarch there were Light and Shadow Heroes, which had light and dark coloured boxes. Is this a hint that the next Flesh and Blood release will be all Shadow Heroes?

So far this is all we really know about the Tales of Aria. Preview season starts on 1st September so we will be keeping up to date with previews as the come out. If there are going to be any big spoilers we will make sure to let you know at the start of the article so nothing is ruined for you. We always try to keep spoilers to a minimum, even thought the cards have already been previewed.