Magic Meta Monday

Magic Meta Monday

Welcome to our first weekly round up of the current meta in Magic the Gathering. We will focus on what the current top tier decks are in current Standard. Our stats come from Magic the Gathering Arena powered by Untapped GG.

The Tier 1 decks are predominantly made up of a combination of Boros/Lorehold colours. Leading the pack is Mono White Lifegain with a win rate of 59.4%. Coming in a close second is Boros Winota with a win rate of 59.2%. The Winota deck has become more popular with the introduction of Blade Historian from Strixhaven. Rounding out the top 5 are Boros Cycling, Mono White Aggro and Mono Red Aggro.

Magic the Gathering Tier 1 Meta Deck

There are quite a lot of Tier 2 decks (win rate between 50-55%) but some of the decks to mention would be Dimir Rogues which is holding top spot in Tier 2, there is also Mono Black Auras and different combinations of the Adventure decks.

Looking at today's results these show similar results with the top 3 decks of the day are all Boros colours. Boros Winota having the best win rate and second most popular deck. If this continues is it likely that Winota gets banned? We think if it was going to be banned it would have been by now. However if the meta continues as it is Winota could still be banned. With rotation coming in September it is only a few months away now.

Magic the Gathering Decks of the Day

Looking at the popularity of decks over time, it appears that Mono Red has been leading the way but since the introduction of Strixhaven the popularity has dropped. There has been some change in the meta since Strixhaven release but there are still some stand out decks that have continued to preform. 

The meta does appear to be more competitive but it seems as though a majority of the Mono Red players appear to be playing Boros Winota now. Dimir Rogues has dropped since is dominance since the introduction of Zendikar Rising last September.

Magic the Gathering Meta

We will be checking the stats and releasing an update every Monday evening to see what has changed and if the meta is moving so you know what cards you need. We are also looking at introducing a Commander style update as well with the help of EDHrec using their data to see what is popular and up and coming in the Commander format.