Streets of New Capenna (Spoilers)

Magic the Gathering, Streets of New Capenna -

Streets of New Capenna (Spoilers)

Magic the Gathering have announced the release date for the new set Streets of New Capenna. The full release for this set is 29th April 2022. But there are lots more things happening on the lead up to this and we will cover it now.

Please be aware that there are some card spoilers in this so if you don't want to see any of these it might be worth skipping this article. However the cards shown here aren't anything more than what Magic the Gathering has posted so it's likely if you are a Magic the Gathering fan you will have seen them by now.

 Streets of New Capenna has 5 main families that run the city. Each family has its own specialisation and each seem to have their own purpose. However they all seem to want to be top family. We can introduce you to these new families.

Streets of New Capenna

Each of these new families focus themselves around 3 different colours of mana. This has led way to the completion of a land cycle that was first printed in Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths. In Ikoria these were known as Triomes but in Streets of New Capenna they have their own name and identity.

Raffine's Tower Streets of New Capenna
Spara's Headquarters Streets of New Capenna
Xander's Lounge Streets of New Capenna
Ziatora's Proving Ground Streets of New Capenna
Jetmir's Garden Streets of New Capenna
This new cycle of three colours lands have been given different card treatments as you can see above. All with different artwork and designs. This has been a theme with recent Magic the Gathering sets with certain cards getting a variety of different looks. This might add to the collectability of certain printings, it will just depend on the quantities of each available in different booster boxes.
Along with more three colour lands we have had confirmation that Ascendancy cycles are back. These were last seen in Khans of Tarkir with the more familiar three colour Ascendancy's (Mardu, Temur, Abzan etc). So far Wizards of the Coast have only shown one of the new cards and it is Brokers Ascendancy
Brokers Ascendancy Streets of New Capenna
This cycle of Ascendancy cards have been given their own special print design as well. So this will add to the fairly wide range of different printings of cards available and thats before you start adding in any foiling effects as well.
So far this is all that has been shown other than the basic lands. We just wanted to take this opportunity to show what has already been shown but we will be back with a more in-depth review of the cards with more of the set has been revealed. 
Streets of New Capenna Release Schedule
We will be back after 7th April once previews begin.