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Yes! You heard right. With the new set from Flesh and Blood, Monarch will be introducing four new heroes and we have already been introduced to three of them. The forth we know the name of and some information but their card has yet to be spoiled. I know this was pretty well published by Legend Story Studios that there would be new heroes in this set but with the new Shadow and Light sub-class this has added another dimension to the game. Not that the game wasn’t good enough without this, this has turned the notch up even higher...

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With preview season just a week away away, what do we already know about the up and coming 4th release from Flesh and Blood? Will Monarch be that defining moment in the game's history? If past performance is anything to go by then we can only see this growing. Check back for updates as more previews are released.

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New to the game of Flesh and Blood or have you never heard of it before? This is a quick summary of the game and how to play it. We believe it is going to become a very popular game. Created by Legend Story Studios they have created what they claim to be 'the new classic TCG'.

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