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All five of the new commander decks from Magic the Gathering: Streets of New Capenna have been released and ready for sale on 29th April. We are going to have a quick overview of these products to let you know what to expect from the decks and the strategy we think you should taken when playing these decks. This is not an upgrade guide or anything specific about what cards are in the deck. We want to show you what the decks could do in a nut-shell so you know which deck(s) will suit your playing style so you know...

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This all started when Fetch lands were first reprinted in Zendikar Rising Expeditions and later again in Modern Horizons 2. These are very sought after lands and a staple in most formats where the cards are legal. The lands in your deck or Mana Base are probably the most important part of your deck. It is all well and good having the best cards in the current meta available to you or a card that can win the game there and then. But if you don't have the right mana to play the card then it's basically a dead card...

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Not sure which Magic the Gathering format is best for you? Or do you know what the different formats are? This article covers some of the most popular formats and should give you an idea of which format is best for you. We believe there are any formats that are better than others. Each are different in their own ways and we encourage people to play multiple formats to get the best out of Magic the Gathering

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