What is Flesh and Blood & How do you play it?

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What is Flesh and Blood & How do you play it?

Flesh & Blood is a relatively new trading card game in comparison to some of the older games like Magic the Gathering or Pokemon. Flesh & Blood’s first set was released in 2019 by Legend Story Studios, the founder of which had spent several years working for both Wizards of the Coast and Hasbro. So, they know what they are doing when it comes to trading card games. LSS have called it ‘the new classic TCG’ and we can see why. This game, albeit looks a little confusing when you are first setting up a game but the way in which is plays is very intuitive and makes for a fun but also tactical game to play.

This is a hero vs hero game where each player picks their hero to play and builds the deck around them. As the game is still relatively new there are not hundreds of different options to chose from when it comes to a hero, but this does not take away from the variety of heroes. Each hero has their own uniqueness and makes playing against different heroes a different game every time.

At the time of writing there are only 2 stand-alone sets Welcome to Rathe & Arcane Rising and 1 supplementary set that have been released. With the next release, Monarch, being the third stand-alone set to come out. This has not taken away from the popularity of the game so far with some shops being sold out and suppliers working hard to fill back orders. We are predicting this to be the next big trading card game. At Five Realm Cards we only sell games that we know well and believe have a long future. We will also only sell the game if we have played the game and understand how it works. It is very easy to learn how to play Flesh & Blood and this is one of the main things that drew us to it in the first place.

Unlike Magic the Gathering when you have a land-based mana system in order to cast the spells you want. With Flesh & Blood, there is a simple Resource mechanic, and each card has a Resource cost and value. So, when you come to play a card you will be required to ‘pitch’ another in order to pay for it. Don’t worry though at the end of your turn any cards that you ‘pitched’ go back into your deck, so you do not lose them.

Most of the cards will also have attack and defence values as well, so these can either be played as an attack on your turn or used to defend from attacks on your opponent’s turn. That means each card in your deck is likely to have a cost value to play it, a resource value to pitch it, an attack value and a defence value. We think this is great as you do not need loads of different types of cards in your deck for doing each of these things if each card can do all of them. Just not at the same time.

You start each turn with 1 action point, we know this does not sound like a lot but there are ways in which you can get around playing more actions per turn. But then in some cases you just do not need more than one action each turn. This makes each turn very simple and easy to understand but this does not take away from the very interactive nature of the game.

As attack actions are played these form the Combat Chain, this is where all the action happens. Each link in the chain is resolved before moving on to the next link. This take away the need to try keep up with certain triggers or reactions that happen when cards interact with each other. Once the chain has resolved, all played cards go into the graveyard and the attacking player draws cards up to their hand size. You draw a full hand at the end of each of your turns. No need to worry about playing all your cards on your turn when you know you will be drawing a fresh hand at the end of it.

We have not played the game as much as we have liked but this is a definite recommendation from the whole team at Five Realm Cards. We can see this game only growing in popularity and as things are starting to look like we might be able to go into the game stores and play games once again. This will only add to the growth of this game. Five Realm Cards believes that this game is the new classic TCG.