About Us

Our love for Magic: The Gathering started back in 1999 when Nick got his first set of Magic cards, this was the Starter 2000 Box Set. Anyone who was playing the game back then would remember Rhox. This creature was the cover art for the set and the premium foil card in the set as well. Nick still owns this card to this day however a lot of the older collection has been lost to time. This is unfortunate as some of the older cards hold some good value.

The game has changed a lot since then and we have been there throughout nearly all of it. Sometimes life gets in the way of fun and games but we have always come back to the game. We play a variety of formats and we are always improving the way we play. We haven’t been invited to the Mythic Invitational yet so we have some improvements to make. 

We are wanting to offer a local gaming space for all Magic: The Gathering players and for anyone to know if they ask us a question about Magic we are likely to know the answer and be able to help. Unfortunately due to recent events in the world we have had to put our gaming space on hold for the time being. We are still running online and will still be able to send you all your Magic essentials.

The reason why we wanted to start this company in the first place was to show people how good the game is. This game has been going since 1993 and there aren’t many games that can boast that kind of longevity. We will be holding deck tech and masterclasses when we can get our venue opened up. We are hoping for later this year (2021) but we will be keeping everyone up to date with our progress.

In early 2021 we added a new trading card game, Flesh & Blood to our store. This games was launched in 2019 and adds a different spin to the trading card game compared to MTG. We enjoy playing both games and hope to offer Flesh & Blood tournaments in our gaming space, once we get it opened. 

We also want to join all the other local game stores together and form a mini league within Leeds just to see which shop has the best players. There are many many things we are wanting to bring to the local magic community but until we are allowed to open up and welcome players into our gaming space we will have to wait. But watch this space. 

If you have any questions in regards to our store, help with building decks or just completely new to the game and want some advise then please contact Nick - nick@fiverealmcards.co.uk and he will be more than happy to help you.

Thanks from everyone in the Five Realm Cards team.