Five Realm Cards Deck Builder App

Five Realm Cards Deck Builder App

We have been spending all year developing and creating what we think is the best deck builder focused around the UK Magic the Gathering market. We offer features to build decks, catalogue your collection, create wish lists and order single cards or complete decks all in one place. Welcome to Five Realm Cards DeckBuilder 

Five Realm Cards Deck Builder

At the time of writing this article access to our full app is free. We can't guarantee it will be that way forever but we want to have a deck builder and buyer that is free to use for as long as possible.

You can quickly and easily upload a deck you already have so long as it is in a plain text format. Anything exported from Moxfield should be a matter of copy and paste it in.

Five Realm Cards Deck Builder Import

The app will also restrict you from adding cards that are not legal in the specified format. The first step when creating or importing a deck into the DeckBuilder is knowing what format the deck is.

Five Realm Cards DeckBuilder

You chose the format and we will make sure whatever you are adding to your deck is legal in the format you are playing. The app will allow you to add cards from sets that might not seem legal in the format. For example there might be cards from sets not in the current Standard rotation that you can add to your deck. This will be due to the fact those cards are legal in standard and it gives you the option of a different printing.

Once you have made you deck, don't forget to save it. The app will saves all decks locally but if you use another device your deck won't be saved. So click that save button anytime you make an update.

Five Realm Cards DeckBuilder Deck List

If you have built a completely new deck and you need to order all the cards. That is not a problem. You just add your deck to the shopping basket and check out. We do the rest for you.

We will build and ship your complete deck to you. If we don't have the cards in stock we will get the cards. If we can't get the cards we will let you know. For the most part we should be able to acquire most cards. Unless you are looking for a very specific printing of a Tropical Island or Taiga. But even then we will do our best to get it for you.

Accounts are FREE so go and try out the app. All we ask is that if you find a bug or something is broken please drop us a message and we will look into it. If there are features you want to see added then please let us know this as well. We are wanting to add as many features to the app as possible. 

So go try the app. Let us know what you think.