Magic Meta Monday

Magic Meta Monday

In our first post we said this would be a weekly segment but currently the magic meta is not changing all that often so we are decided to make it a fortnightly update instead. We also know this is Tuesday so sorry for the delay in posting. Once again all our data is obtained from Untapped gg.

There are going to be some big changes coming to the Magic the Gathering meta in the coming months. With Adventures in the Forgotten Realms coming out in 2 weeks and rotation coming in September where a lot of the most popular and powerful decks will lose most of their cards. There is going to be a big shirt if the dynamic.

As always there is going to be Mono Red Aggro decks as this is usually the go to for people testing the new meta but how is the meta currently looking now. How does this compare to last week and what can we see happening in the coming weeks with a whole set of new cards coming out.

Looking at the current Tier 1 decks. These are exactly the same as last week, in the exact same order as well. A combination of Red, White and Red/White decks with Mono White Life Gain being the top deck in the meta. It does look as though the win rate of the decks does appear to be dropping. There must be more players building decks to counter these. Mainly anti-creature and counter magic decks would work well. Predominantly exile effects. With Boros Cycling you might want some graveyard hate in there as well to stop the Zenith Flares going off.

Untapped gg Magic the Gathering Arena Meta

Looking at the current win rate for today/yesterday, the decks are the same as 2 weeks ago. Although there is a slight switch around when it comes to which are preforming better. Looking at the top deck today we are looking at Mono-White Aggro with a winrate of 58.3%. Compared to 2 weeks ago, this same deck placed 4th on the list with a winrate of 57.0%. Mono White Lifegain is also climbing the list, moving from 5th up to 3rd this week, improving the winrate but 1%. Something is working well for mono white.

Magic the Gathering Arena Day Win Rate

Looking at the day's popular decks, Mono White Aggro has shot up the list, going from 8th previously up to 4th this week. Other than that, there has been very little in the way of changes. Hopefully we will see a shift in the meta once Adventures in the Forgotten Realms is released. The new mechanics should changes things up a bit. Come September however, it is all going to change. No more Throne of Eldraine, no more Ikoria Lair of Behemoths. Losing both sets will have a massive impact on all the decks in Standard currently. 

Magic the Gathering Arena Popular Decks

All Adventure decks lose adventure creatures, Cycling decks lose cycling cards. Winota decks lose Winota. Mono Red loses nearly everything but Mono Red can always rebuild and remain competitive. We will be releasing another update in 2 weeks. This will be after Adventures in the Forgotten Realms has been live on Magic the Gathering Arena for a week or so. This should give some indications as to how the meta is accepting and adapting to the new set.